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Welcome to Coremedia!

2011-08-05 08:12:12 by CoreMediaTuts

Ok, so this is the coremedia newgrounds page, we're gonna post lots of tuts and some games here, so check it out. We're a new company who post ideas and tuts and we always want you lot to give us ideas and send us your own games and any problems you have..


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2011-08-07 08:15:51

you are not a company. you are a child who wants to feel important. you shouldn't be trying to make a tutorial if you're amateur on the subject. you're like a 6 year old trying to teach English.

CoreMediaTuts responds:

Haha lool i Know its not a compny, and we're not trying to ''feel important'' lool the thing is i dont really know what to call it yet ok. Im not really amateur on the subject at all, im just amateur on making the tutorial :p- so you dont really know much